Our Programs

2nd Stage Housing

Assisting woman and their children who have made the decision to break away

Women and their dependant children who are at risk of violence or have experienced violence.

Program Summary

In partnership with BC housing, our 2nd Stage Housing Program provides confidential and supportive temporary accommodations at an undisclosed location. This program is designed to assist women and their children who have made the decision to break away from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Through our 2nd Stage program, service recipients will be provided with safe housing and be offered non-judgmental, strength-based support so they can begin to develop the necessary skills to live independently and free of violence.

At 2nd Stage our mission is not only to provide a safe space for women and children fleeing abuse, but also to provide a high-quality service for women and their children during their journey. Our caring and professional staff offer violence informed and trauma sensitive services for women to support them to achieve their personal objectives and understand the effects of abuse and trauma. This program also provides the following:

  • Short-term, supportive counselling
  • Collaborative safety planning
  • Advocacy
  • Information and referrals

This program is funded by BC Housing.

Living Local


South Peace Community Resources Society is a true grass roots organization. Since the start, and with the support of our local partners and stakeholders, we have grown alongside our local community to meet the unique and changing needs of our residents. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing safe and accessible services to those we support, enabling healthy and productive lives.